Sunday, June 27, 2010

Laziness Reading Roundup, Part 87643297823434398

Someday I will write my thoughts about one book at a time right after I read said book again but not today. Ever since school got out I have been dealing with tooth drama and even though my dentist is not like Steve Martin (see below) I have not been in the mood to read much or write much.

 So here is what I've been reading during June:

This is the first book in the series and I was totally sucked into this world. I read all 5 books the last weekend before school got out and I loved them. They have totally cheesy covers that let you know they are the "heir to the Twilight throne" and I might just agree a little bit. They definitely have that compulsive readability like the Twilight books. I will be really excited when the last installment comes out.

I love Kate & Curran so I was happy that this next book was out. My only quibble is that the books in this series are such fast reads that waiting a whole year for another book to read in 2 hours irritates me. This is the first book that I read on its own and I have to say I much prefer finding a new series when there are already a bunch of books out. I am not very patient. But I did really like this one. And I was happy that things started to progress in terms of relationships.

I have no new Julia Quinn commentary other than that I kind of wish I was her. I love her books so much. They are such happy, escapist reads for me but they are always so smart and funny too. And as always I love the UK cover art.

No covers for the next two books I read. I was not so impressed with Derik's Bane or with A Certain Wolfish Charm. I was bored while reading both and they  both featured a little too much smuttiness for my taste.

This is an awesome (new to me) series! Allie Beckstrom would be friends with Kate and Mercy Thompson so it makes sense that I liked her books as well. There are 4 books so far and I enjoyed them all. Very clever and very fast paced.

This was an entertaining young adult werewolf story. Not the best but not the worst and it kept me reading. (Wow what scintillating reviews I am writing! I will blame my tooth pain.)

Of course I was going to buy this! Of course. And I liked it even if it is really random and pretty much a downer. Which is inevitable when you are reading about a character you already know gets killed. But I love Stephenie Meyer and will read anything she writes (especially if she is really writing about mermaids. Please let that rumor be true!). And I want her to hire me to help her pick more appropriate red carpet outfits. Actually, I would do that for free (which lets you know how scary her dress choice was at the Eclipse premiere)

This book is awesome and sad and brings up a lot of unicorn associations for me: Lisa Simpson and her two-nicorn, JD from Scrubs, Lisa Frank, velvet posters.... I could go on. I really liked the book even though the ending was not my cup of tea.

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