Friday, February 20, 2009

From Dead to Worse, Charlaine Harris

About a year ago I read the books that preceed From Dead to Worse in this series that basically is the mental equivalent of watching television. And I don’t mean PBS or even Animal Planet. It’s right up there with watching the 100 Dumbest Celebrities on the E! channel; so it’s clearly not something to be proud of. And clearly since I’m writing this disclaimer I’m not proud.

But last year I ended up seeing a substitute teacher friend at school reading one of the books and we chatted about them. I see her at the most random times often with months in between. In the interim of our visits I decided I needed to purge my bookshelves and my mind of all things created by Charlaine Harris which my friend did not know. I gave the books to Goodwill only to run into my friend telling me about the newest book. She subbed in my classroom last week and left the book on my desk for me to borrow with a note saying we’d have to talk about it. So I felt compelled to read it. And the best part of this book is the cover art. I enjoyed the glitter. But I am glad to have a friend who is willing to sub in my germy, germy classroom.


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